Des Moines Feed Co. is now a Ropa distributor.  To enhance our NON-GMO product line we would like to offer these 100% natural quality feed supplements for your beloved animals.

Ropa has the best natural feed supplements that ensure a good health.  Most of their formuals consist on the medicinal properties of oregano.  Oregano consists of components such as carvacrol and thymol, which have antimicropbial properties.  The use of Ropa products keeps your animals healthy in a natural way!

Ropa has several lines of products to help with Pigeons, Dogs, Horses, Birds, Poultry, & Rodents.

Des Moines Feed Co. is now stocking a few select items from the ROPA-B pigeon & RopaPoultry lines.

All other non-stocked Ropa produts will be availabe to order from Des Moines Feed Co. as a speical order with drop shipment direct from Ropa.